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Skovlyst Bed and Breakfast

Skovlyst Bed & Breakfast is located at the 1st floor of a charming house build in 1890. The house is located on Skovgade, part of The Ancient Road, in danish called “Hærvejen”. Hærvejen runs through the center of Jelling and past the beautiful lake of “Fårup Sø”. The Skovlyst bed and breakfast has a total of three rooms. One room with a capacity of 2 guests, while the other two rooms room are suitable for up to 4 guests pr. room.

Skovlyst is located in the heart of Jelling, which means that you are within walking distance to bus, train, historic monuments, to the forest and to the different shops of Jelling. In the summer you can swim in the public swimmingpool.

In Jelling you will also find the cultural “Town House”, which offers cinema, brewery and café.